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Tasmanian Jobs Package

Tasmanian Jobs Package

All Tasmanians deserve the opportunity to get a job and build a better life.

That’s why the Giddings Government is taking action RIGHT NOW to deliver:

  • Support to create more than 3300 direct jobs
  • $375m of new investment in Tasmania
  • Over 1100 new homes constructed for first home builders
  • $1m invested to market Tasmania and fill new airline seats
  • Budget cost $24.5m across the Forward Estimates including $11.7m in 2012-13

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Details of the Package

First Home Builders Boost

The First Home Builder Boost is tied to eligibility for the $7,000 First Home Owner Grant, and is for first home owners purchasing a newly built home or who are owner/builders.

Approved applicants are eligible for a combined Grant and Boost of up to $15,000. The Boost applies to contracts between 1 January 2013 and 30 June 2014.

The First Home Builders Boost will support the development of 1100 new first homes providing over $250 million of housing construction activity and supporting 1800 jobs.

Further details available at – State Revenue Office

Payroll Tax Rebate

This measure provides payroll tax incentives for Tasmanian employers to employ and retain additional staff. The scheme provides a full payroll tax rebate for new jobs created from today up until 30 June 2014 and maintained until June 2015.

Based on the previous success of this measure it is estimated the new payroll tax rebate will support the creation of 850 new jobs.

Further details available at – State Revenue Office

Tasmanian Government Innovation and Investment Fund

The Tasmanian Government Innovation and Investment Fund (TGIIF) forms part of the Tasmanian Government’s response to regional employment challenges. The program provides one-off project grants of up to $250 000 to help small business expand and grow jobs.

Based on previous TGIIF rounds, it is estimated a further $2.5m will support $11m of private sector investment and around 170 jobs.

Further details available at - Tasmanian Government Innovation and Investment Fund

Community Infrastructure

Provides an immediate $3 million allocation for community infrastructure. This will support construction and maintenance jobs while supporting our community sector to deliver services.

The major component of this initiative is $2 million to be provided for renovations and upgrades to Tasmania’s network of Community and Neighbourhood houses. The Government will work with the Tasmanian Association of Community Houses to determine the projects with the highest priority so work can commence as soon as possible.

These works and services are expected to support the creation of 30 jobs.

Tasmanian Access Strategy – Tourism Cooperative Marketing

An additional $1 million will be pumped into marketing Tasmania as a world-class tourist destination over the rest of the financial year. The funding forms part of the Tasmanian Government's initial response to the Tasmanian Access Report.

Further details available at - Tasmanian Access Report

Aurora Stadium – Lighting Upgrade

Aurora Stadium lighting will be upgraded to a broadcast standard for night time telecasts. With the Launceston City Council developing a drop-in pitch, Aurora Stadium will now be able to attract first-class day/night cricket.

This initiative will cost $1 million and support 45 jobs during construction along with the economic benefits of attracting first class events to Launceston.

Hollybank Mountain Bike Park

Hollybank Mountain Bike Park is the first stage in the development of world-class mountain biking experiences in northern Tasmania to attract local, national and international riders and adventure seekers.

Hollybank is a recreation area 25 minutes’ drive north from Launceston with approximately 27km of trails already mapped out with around 8km ‘shovel ready’ with existing approvals in place at a cost of $800,000.

Construction of this stage of track will support around 25 jobs.

Seaport Boardwalk Expansion

The Government will provide $1 million to extend the boardwalk at the Launceston Seaport creating a versatile public space at the popular venue. The boardwalk was first constructed by the State Government and the Launceston City Council, and we are now partnering again to have this popular leisure area further expanded.

This space will allow the area to host markets, performances, and festivals as well as simply improving the amenity of what is a popular waterfront area of Launceston.

Dairy Tasmania ‘Filling the Factories’ Program

The State Government will provide funding of $400,000 to partner with Dairy Tasmania in developing dairy conversion plans.

This initiative supports the industry driven ‘Filling the Factories’ program which plans to secure another 355 mega litres of milk supply in Tasmania and create 550 on-farm jobs.

Salmon Industry Jobs Growth for George Town

The State Government is providing a grant of up to $440,000 to Tassal to assist the company in establishing the infrastructure and systems required for processing at George Town Seafoods.

The total project cost is $1 million and will create around 22 full time positions at George Town Seafoods from January 2013.

Parliament Square

The Government has taken strong leadership to ensure that this project can go ahead without further delay.

The Parliament Square development has been assessed and approved multiple times by all relevant planning authorities including the Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority, the Hobart City Council and Heritage Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Parliament has now confirmed this approval allowing for the $100 million private development creating 400 jobs.