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Protocol arrangements for the development of a partnership agreement for the Midlands Highway

The State Government and the Brighton, Clarence City, Glenorchy City, Hobart City, Launceston City, Northern Midlands and Southern Midlands Councils (the parties) agree to discuss the development of a partnership agreement (the agreement) on mutually agreed terms to develop clear plans for the future of the Midland Highway. The objectives of the agreement are to:

  • establish a common vision for the future of the Midland Highway (the highway)
  • plan for improvements to the highway according to the common vision
  • jointly approach the Australian Government for financial assistance to carry out the planned improvements to the highway.
  • Midland Highway Protocol Arrangements, (PDF 95KB)

Tasmanian Racing Board (TRB) Funding Deed

With the implementation of the new Tasmanian Racing industry (TRI) governance structure on 1 January 2009, responsibility for the governance and funding of racing in Tasmania transferred from TOTE Tasmanian (TOTE) to the Tasmanian Racing Board (TRB).

On 1 July 2009, TOTE came under the Gaming Control Act 1993. Rather than providing direct funding to the TRI, TOTE will pay an annual license fee to the Government. The industry now receives its main source of financial support from the Consolidated Fund by means of a Funding Deed between the Government and the TRB.

The Deed provides operational funding of $27 million per annum for a period of 20 years, with a provision to maintain the current level of stake money paid to the TRI each year, in real terms based on the 2008/09 financial year. With the incorporation of the new State-owned Company on 1 July 2009, the TRB ceased to exist as an entity, however, the Deed continues in force as an agreement between the Government and the TRB's successor, Tasracing PTY Ltd.

Whilst the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources is responsible for administering the payment, it provides the funds directly to Tasracing to be expended in accordance with the proper performance of Tasracing's functions.

Business Sale Agreement for purchase of the Tasmanian rail business

On 7 September 2009, the Minister for Infrastructure announced that the Government and Pacific National had formally entered into a Business Sale Agreement for purchase of the Tasmanian rail business. Completion of the transaction is scheduled to take place on 30 November, but is contingent on the passage of supporting legislation and the satisfaction of a number of other conditions precedent set out in Sale Agreement.

Following the 30 November transfer and subject to Parliamentary approval, rail infrastructure and railway operations in Tasmania will be maintained, managed and owned by a new State-owned rail company. In the interim, Pacific National has committed to continue to deliver rail services and work closely with the Government to ensure a smooth transition.

Southern Shipping Company Pty Ltd

Agreement beetween the Transport Commission, Southern Shipping Company Pty Ltd and Geoffrey Gabrie. This contract is published in accordance with the Crown Contracts Confidentiality Policy and Treasurer's Instructions 1401 and 1402.