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King Island Livestock Supply Chain

The King Island Livestock Supply Chain Management Review was initiated by the Tasmanian Government in response to the closure of the JB Swift abattoir on King Island in September 2012.  The closure of the abattoir has resulted in the requirement for up to 35,000 head of livestock to be transported for processing from the Island per year. The Review was conducted by consulting firm GHD, and completed in December 2012.

The supply chain review is a component of the Partnership Agreement between the State Government and the King Island Council. The Partnership Agreement, signed on 26 October 2012 following the abattoir closure, promotes sustainable economic activity on King Island.  Under the Agreement, the State Government has committed $850,000 to developing new projects and creating jobs on King Island. The Agreement also includes a feasibility study exploring the possibility of opening a new abattoir on King Island.

Partnership Agreement between the Tasmanian Government and the King Island Council, (PDF)

The supply chain review was developed with strong consultation with key stakeholders within the supply chain. The review maps the supply chain and identifies potential risks to the safe and efficient movement of livestock.  The review identifies several key risks:

  • The inability for the supply chain to respond to changes in demand;
  • Insufficient capacity to meet a surge in weekly or short term demand for the processors, road transport, or vessel operators;
  • Increased transport costs;
  • Lower meat grading results; and
  • Loss of revenue.

Mitigation strategies have been developed and a series of actions have been recommended to address the major risks to the supply chain.

The State Government recognises the iconic nature of King Island Beef and the contribution of the King Island beef industry to Tasmania. The Government will continue to work with participants in the supply chain to ensure ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of livestock producers on King Island.

GHD King Island Livestock Supply Chain Management, (PDF, 1MB)