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"Passenger Transport - connected, liveable and healthy communities"




0-3 years


3-5 years


5-10 years


Regional Integrated Transport Plans (Southern, Northern, Cradle Coast)


Develop urban travel demand model


Agreed urban growth boundaries


Assess Public transport priority- separation of public transport and private vehicles

Passenger Transport Framework completed


Regional settlement strategies


Progress implementation of key urban cycleways for active transport


Improved central bus terminals


Cycling and Walking Strategy


Application of accessibility principles to affordable housing initiatives


Development of best practice approaches to accessibility, subdivision design and suburb development


Implementation of transit corridors on high-frequency bus service corridors

Core Passenger Services Review


Investigate and plan key cycleways to facilitate active transport between major activity centres

Trial Wi-Fi services on selected urban fringe and regional bus services

Develop initial park and ride facilities in Greater Hobart and Greater Launceston


Implement measures to improve cyclists and pedestrians  priority on key routes and in shared urban spaces


Implementation of metropolitan car - parking strategy


Develop walking and cycling guidelines to ensure new and upgraded road projects incorporate appropriate infrastructure


Investigation of key cycling links to other major urban State arterial roads


Improved delivery of urban fringe bus services and associated off-bus infrastructure at strategic locations


Development of metropolitan car-parking strategy


Campaign to promote public debate on and encorage use of alternative forms of transport including:
• State Government carpooling website
• Travel behaviour change program (including Travel Smart)
• Establish the Urban Passenger Transport Advisory Group


Further Park and Rides


Marketing campaign for travel by public transport, including improved provision of on-line and real-time passenger information


Trial on-road public transport priority in Hobart


Investigate urban transit corridors in Hobart, incorporating high frequency bus services, on-road priority and upgraded supporting infrastructure


Progress implementation of transit corridors


Develop the Greater Launceston Metropolitan Passenger Transport Plan


Redevelopment of bus interchanges

      Deliver high frequency bus services on identified priority corridors - Launceston and Burnie-Devonport. Plan for implementing transit corridors in these centres.  

Benefits for all Tasmanians

  • Healthy, active communities
  • Better designed urban areas
  • More transport choice
  • Reduced distances travelled
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Liveable and accessible communities
  • Reliable and attractive public transport services
  • Coordinated transport and land use planning

Strategy & Planning


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