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Digital Header

Way Forward

"Connecting people with services, people with systems, and people with people"




0-3 years


3-5 years


5-10 years


Established company to roll out and operate the Tasmanian (NBN) footprint


Digital Futures Advisory Council and stakeholder advisory group established


Statewide smart grid (for water, energy etc) commenced


Full NBN roll out achieved - 100% of premises including fibre- to-the-premises for 200,000 premises

Selection as first State to receive national broadband network funding


Review strategic vision


Digitally enhanced tourism experience across the State


Statewide service delivery parity

Development of five year digital vision


Shared access to trenches


Digital TV transition


NBN opt-out legislation to maximise uptake of connections (null)

First stage NBN roll out plan approved by Australian Government


Digital technology demonstration sites established


Establish industry and community partnerships for new digital infrastructure


Stages 1, 2 & 3 NBN roll out complete including new backhaul, 100, 000 fibre to premises footprints, business and support systems and delivery of services across footprints


Access construction of additional Bass Strait optic fibre cable


Trial smart grid technology in selected towns


Streamlined planning processes to maxmimise the efficiency of the NBN roll-out

Planning requirement for optic fibre connections at all new premises


Benefits for all Tasmanians

  • World's best access to fixed consumer broadband
  • Social and economic growth outside regional centres
  • Better health and education outcomes across the State
  • More equitable access to community services
  • More smart jobs
  • Efficient and effective services and utilities
  • Less unnecessary travel


Strategy & Planning 


(null) = completed