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  • Breed cool dragons, make them grow and combat with friends in a world of magical islands!
  • A casual RPG which allows player to create their own ninja and explore the ninja world!
  • Explore the beautiful open worlds of Miscria in this epic RPG. Capture, train, and battle thousands of creatures in Miscrits!
  • Start your own royal adventure and build the kingdom of your dreams. A land of magic, unicorns, and quirky characters awaits you
  • Collect cars from across the globe and build the garage of your dreams!
  • Search the open worlds of Volcano Island for magical creatures called Miscrits. Train them, evolve them, and battle your Miscrits!
  • Journey of Jesus: The Calling is a fun adventure where you play a major part in the Gospel story.
  • Bring out the glamourous celebrity in you. Shop, Chat, Flirt with boyfriends, Clubbing and just have fun with friends
  • Join Horatio Caine and his famous sunglasses to uncover the dark truth behind Miami's most grisly crimes.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In game based on the TV series, Thursdays 8/7c on The CW.
  • Battle dragons, dodge fireballs, and claim your fortune in this massively-multiplayer sidescrolling adventure.
  • Raise an army of Knights, Elves, and mythical creatures to conquer the continent in Castle Age!
  • The Hunger Games Adventures is an epic adventure game for Facebook based on the novel and film The Hunger Games.
  • Monster Galaxy is an exciting new role-playing game where you can fight and collect hundreds of wild monsters!
  • Explore, Play, Collect & Trade!
  • MouseHunt is a fun adventure game where players engage in royal quests to catch the unique and ridiculous mice!
  • Howdy Cowgirls and Cowboys! Saddle your horses and prepare to ride into the sunset - play WestWars on Facebook!
  • Save the realm of Galensya in the fastest-growing adventure on Facebook! Fight, quest, and survive in this ever-expanding world.
  • A good Buddy shares a good Rush. Join this awesome Facebook social action RPG!
  • Tame the wilderness and build a thriving frontier town
  • Tame the galaxy! Explore the cosmos, capture and train exotic beasts and battle them against friends.
  • The game that enchanted over 100,000,000 players worldwide opens Facebook to a whole new chapter for Maple World.
  • Save the realm of Galensya in the fastest-growing adventure on Facebook! Fight, quest, and survive in this ever-expanding world.
  • Diggy's Adventure is exciting RPG adventure taking place in the world of ancient Egypt.
  • Magic Pets is an epic adventure game where you collect and care for tons of magical creatures that you can battle with! Play now!
The Last One
Save yourself from the crowds of zombies, win new areas and take part in PvP battles, hack and slash in the scariest dead city!
Western Story
Western Story is the game where Old West is as real as it gets.
Region: World