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Far from Ordinary

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, the island state of Australia, lies 40 degrees south of the equator. An archipelago of 334 islands in the temperate zone of the southern hemisphere, it is a land of dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, spectacular wilderness and sparkling highland lakes.

Tasmanians breathe some of the world's cleanest air and drink the purest water. Unpolluted coastal seas and rich, fertile soils enable them to produce the finest foods.

Tasmania is an island of difference. Its people are resourceful; applying the kind of creativity that arises from geographical isolation to their business activities, scientific research and artistic endeavours.

Tasmanians produce superb wines and world-class beers to complement their extraordinary food. The natural and built environment inspires their artists and writers. They are world leaders in many areas of specialisation, including large-scale, high-speed catamarans, marine evacuation gear, high-performance radio antennae and certain aquaculture equipment. Whatever they do, they regard quality as their over-arching competitive advantage.

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