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Digital Header


"A vision for Digital Infrastructure"



  • Less fixed and mobile digital infrastructure than other states
  • Low rate of system-wide public and private sector use, including health and education
  • Emerging digital infrastructure
  • Digital infrastructure development not facilitated through linear infrastructure development (power, transport, water)

Key Reforms

  • Build digital literacy and participation
  • Develop and implement five year vision for use of digital infrastructure
  • Establish digital technology demonstration sites.
  • Create industry and community partnerships for new digital infrastructure
  • Develop standard or model planning approaches for digital infrastructure
  • Support National Broadband Network initiatives

Vision Characteristics

  • Digital infrastructure corridors established with power, transport, water infrastructures
  • System-wide digital infrastructure underpins health, education, hazard management and other services
  • High digital literacy and participation across community, business and Government makes digital infrastructure viable
  • National Broadband Network in Tasmania
  • Thriving digital economy transforming businesses, health services, education delivery, government services, community engagement, and day-to-day living
  • Smart technologies benefiting communities in energy management, water utilisation, transport and working habits.