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Key Activities

Tasmania - a leader in Australia's renewable energy future



• Market based framework in place
• Tasmanian Renewable Energy Industry Development Board established
• Part of ongoing national reform
• Basslink transmission inter connector
Natural Gas Market in place


Hydro Tasmania 1,000 GWh extra
• New arrangements for ancillary services market
• Energy efficiency initiatives in place
• Bass Strait Island vision underway
• Carbon price effects established
• New tariffs
• Develop renewable friendly transmission grids
• New projects in response to renewable energy targets scheme


• Streamlined approvals process for renewable energy projects

• Investigate second transmission interconnector across Bass Strait

• Progress scale efficent network extensions

• Smart grid pilot

• Electricity substation redevelopment


• Continued significant exports of clean electricity

• Higher efficiency in end use
• Continued diverse and renewable energy resources
• Possible wave and tidal power scheme development

• Investigate pumped Hydro storage to take advantage of increased renewable energy generation
• Possible geothermal energy options
• Continued wind energy development


Benefits for all Tasmanians

  • Guarantee of supply of energy
  • Fair price for energy
  • Choice of energy source
  • Cleaner environment
  • Economic benefits