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Illawarra Main Road


The Poatina Main Road (Tannery Road) Junction and the Bishopsbourne Road to Wickford road improvements are projects jointly funded by the Federal and State Governments.

Project 1 - Poatina Main Road (Tannery Road) Roundabout construction


  • To improve the safety for all users of the intersection.

Safety Benefits

  • Reduced speed at intersection;
  • Clearer priority;
  • Better spaced decision points.

Road User Benefits

  • Reduced number and severity of crashes;
  • Improved access into and out of Tannery Road.

Current Status

  • The contract for construction was awarded to Tasmanian based company Andrew Walter Constructions.
  • The roundabout and lanscaping work is complete.
  • Some pavement surfacing and line marking is to be undertaken in 2012/13

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Bishopsbourne Road to Wickford
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Project 2 - Bishopsbourne Road to Wickford Road Improvements


  • To improve the standard of this section of road and sight distance for users.

Safety Benefits

  • Improved curves and road levels;
  • Widened and sealed shoulder;
  • Improved sight distance to accesses.

Road User Benefits

  • Improved ride quality;
  • Consistent standard along Illawarra Main Road;
  • Construction of a stock underpass to reduce delays due to stock crossing.

Current Status

  • The cotract for construction was awarded to Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd.
  • Additional road resurfacing works have been completed along this section of Illawarra Main Road.
  • A final seal and line marking will be undertaken in 2012/13. 

Springfield to Forest Lodge - Road Upgrade

  • The work involves shoulder widening and sealing work along Illawarra main Road from the Bass Highway Interchange for 3.5km towards Longford.
  • The shoulder widening works were completed in April 2012.

Current Status

  • Additional repair work to the road surface, re-sealing and line marking will be undertaken in 2012/13.

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