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Richmond Heavy Vehicle Link Road

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The proposed Richmond Heavy Vehicle Link Road will provide a 1.4km link road to the west of Richmond for Heavy Vehicles.

The road will skirt the western edge of the Richmond Township connecting Colebrook Main Road east of Middle Tea Tree Road and north of Victoria Street.

The proposal does not prevent heavy vehicles and tourist coaches from entering Richmond if that is their destination, however it does provide an alternative route which will make travelling safer and more efficient for those that don't need to visit the township.


  • To remove un-necessary heavy vehicles from Richmond township.

Road User and Safety Benefits

  • Minimising conflicts between heavy vehicles and the high numbers of tourists in Richmond.
  • Improved efficiency and safety of over-dimensional vehicle movements.

Current Status

  • The project is currently in the planning and scoping phase.
  • Community feedback and ongoing environmental investigation work will continue to inform the concept design development.
  • A Public Display was held in March 2012 providing the community with an update of the concept design.
  • Construction is anticipated to commence in 2013/2014 and be completed in 2014/2015.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the alignment of the proposed road likely to move?
A: The concept design, its alignment and the design of the junctions north and south of Richmond are being informed by community feedback and the outcomes of investigations that are ongoing for Aboriginal Heritage, Built Heritage, road design constraints and environmental assessments including noise.  The final concept will take all these matters into account in arriving at an acceptable alignment.

Q: What was the outcome of the local speed survey?
A: The survey was undertaken by the Richmond Advisory Committee in December 2010 and was aimed at local residents to consider the lowering of the existing speed limit in Richmond and an island crossing in Bridge Street.  The result indicated that 54% of respondents did not wish to have the speed limit lowered from the existing 50km/h and 59% did not want a traffic island in Bridge Street.

Q: Is DIER expecting an increase in traffic numbers?
A: The Link Road will not be a generator of additional traffic but it will provide an opportunity for vehicles, particularly large and heavy vehicles, to be removed from the traffic mix in the middle of Richmond.

Q: What about the noise that will be created by the heavy vehicles?
A: A noise study has been commissioned by DIER to assist with our concept development work.  The study will report on the modelling of various traffic split scenarios for the proposed Link Road and the road through Richmond that will provide an understanding of the expected changes in noise levels from traffic on both routes.

Q: Why can't heavy vehicles be diverted up Middle Tea Tree Road or Back Tea Tree Road?
A: Both these roads are Council roads, not owned or maintained by DIER, and they have bridges structures, culverts, road pavements and alignments not capable of accommodating today's heavy vehicle fleet.

Q: What other works will be undertaken as part of this project?
A: It is currently expected that the successful delivery of this project will allow several other desirable community benefits to be raised.  These include putting the power lines underground back to the current Middle Tea Tree Road junction, improving the signage at the two approaches to Richmond on the Colebrook Main Road and improving the drainage under Bridge Street near the Richmond Maze and enhancing the wetland areas north of Bridge Street.

Q: Can the southern junction be moved further away from the Richmond township?
A: DIER's investigations, consultations and design work to date have already resulted in a clearer understanding of the most appropriate location for the southern junction of the Link Road and it will be shifted marginally to the west from previous concepts, towards Middle Tea Tree Road. Road design parameters, the results of further investigations and also budget will ultimately determine this location. A roundabout is not expected to be selected at this junction due principally to its significant impact on the landscape at this important entry point to the town.

Contact Details

If you would like to make some comment about the project of if you are seeking further information then please contact DIERs community consultant facilitator, John Wadsley on 0417 487 289 or email

You may also make contact with DIER about this project on also at