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Sharing Algona Roundabout space safely with cyclists

The new roundabout at Algona Road - part of the Kingston Bypass project will include special 'green lanes' for cyclists.

The clearly marked green bike lanes will improve safety by creating a dedicated space for cyclists, reducing potential  conflict between motorists and cyclists, lowering stress levels for cyclists riding in traffic and increasing motorists' awareness cyclists on the roundabout.

Although the green lanes will help all road users to share the road more safely, motorists and cyclists will still need to watch out for one another and travel at a speed that gives each space and time to safely negotiate the roundabout.

Generally, cyclists must obey all the same road rules as drivers and drivers must treat cyclists the same as they would another driver to comply with the Tasmanian Road Rules.

However, users of the new roundabout should especially note the following:


  • Although the green lanes are on the left of the roundabout this does not mean that cyclists in the green lane must turn left.  Cyclists are permitted to continue around the roundabout using the left hand (green) lane and can cross the exits, where there is no green paint.
  • However, cyclists continuing around the roundabout in the green cycle lane MUST GIVE WAY to any vehicle leaving the roundabout.
  • Cyclists turning left should indicate that they are doing so.  Cyclists continuing around the roundabout must also indicate they are turning to the right.


  • At this roundabout, a motorist should not drive in the bicycle lane.
  • Motorists turning left need to keep a lookout for cyclists who are continuing around the roundabout because the cyclist may not be able to see vehicles approaching rapidly from behind.
  • Motorists (especially drivers of large vehicles or those towing trailers) should ensure thier vehicle does not overlap the green lane, particularly as they enter or leave the roundabout.  If vehicles overlap the bike lane this will create a hazard for cyclists.

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