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Plans Administration and Resources

SES maintains the plan management system for emergency management plans required by the Emergency Management Act 2006.

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Model Annual Action Plan (Municipal Committees) Updated 18.07.10

Model Municipal Plan Issue 1.2 October 2010 Updated 06.10.10

Model Plan Structure (General) Updated 09.05.10

Model Statement of Duty - Municipal Community Recovery Coordinators and Deputies Updated 18.07.10

Model Statement of Duty -- Municipal Chairperson Updated 22.07.10

Model Statement of Duty -- Municipal Coordinators and Deputies Updated 22.07.10

Municipal Committees SELF EVALUATION Updated 21.07.10

Municipal Plan Review Report Updated 18.07.10

Plan Review and Approval Authorities Updated 09.05.10

Plans Hierarchy Updated 09.05.10

Review, Approval and Distribution Process-Municipal Plans Updated 29.06.10

Review, Approval and Distribution Process-Regional & State Plans Updated 09.05.10

State Special Plan TEMPLATE Updated 22.06.10

State Special Plans COMMENTS FORM Updated 09.05.10

State Special Plans PLAN AUTHORS GUIDE Updated 09.05.10

State Special Plans PLAN AUTHORS REPORT Updated 09.05.10

State Special Plans PLAN REVIEW GUIDE Updated 09.05.10

State Special Plans STAKEHOLDER REGISTER Updated 09.05.10

TEMP Microsoft Word Version Issue 6 2009 Updated 09.05.10

Tasmanian Municipal Emergency Management Guidelines Updated 06.09.12

Template - Debrief Agenda Updated 18.07.10

Template - Exercise Schedule Updated 18.07.10

Template - Stakeholder Register Updated 18.07.10

Template - Summary of Debrief Findings Updated 18.07.10

plans_resource Updated 06.10.10



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