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About this Guide

Information technology has changed forever the way in which people communicate and share information. While the wide range of technologies commonly referred to as 'social media' are fundamentally no different to other forms of communication, they are disruptive and potentially revolutionary because they can connect large numbers of people with relative ease.

Ask Just Once is the SA Government's Information Communication Technology [ICT] strategy. One of the aims of this strategy is to put citizens firmly at the centre of government service delivery and information distribution. Social media technologies can support this aim because they are intrinsically about dialogue and engagement within and between individuals and communities.

The purpose of this guide is to create awareness of some of the opportunities that social media presents for government, as well as making agencies and staff aware of how to manage the risks associated with the use of this kind of technology.


What is social media?

Opportunities for government

Managing the risks

General guidance

Guidance for agencies

Guidance for agencies hosting social media

Guidance for staff using social media official use

Guidance for staff using social media personal use

CAUTION - when using social media

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