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Professional Services Specifications

Project Management Specifications


General Provisions, (PDF)
Replacing superseded Preamble and P1 General Provisions specification, sets out the basic Terms of Engagement of Consultants and the reporting and completion conditions.

June 2012


Project Management Plan, (PDF)
Replacing superseded P2 Consultancy Management Plan specification, outlines the matters to be included in the project Management Plan.

June 2012


Risk Management (Under Review)
To set out the minimum requirements for risk management by consultants in their delivery of consultancy services.



Permits (PDF)
Replacing superseded S4 Permits specification, sets out procedures for obtaining a range of permits.

June 2012

Planning Specifications

PP1  Planning, (PDF)
Replacing superseded S1 Planning specification, sets out the objectives for Issues Identification and Options Development Planning processes.
June 2012
PP2 Master Planning for Design (Under Review)
To set out the requirement for the master planning process by consultants in their delivery of a design project.
PP3 Planning Report Guidelines (Under Review)
This guideline is intended to provide assistance when preparing a design report for a road design project.

Design Specifications

D1  Road Design, (PDF)
Replacing superseded S2 Design specification, sets out the common requirements for Road Design Projects.
June 2012
D2 Structure Design (Under Review)
To replace superseded S2 Design specification, sets out the common requirements for Structure Design Projects.
S2 Design, (PDF)
to remain in use for Structure Design Projects until D2 Structure Design is available.


June 2002

D3 Design Review Guidelines (Under Review)
This guideline is to describe the design review practices for projects managed by Main Roads.

Technical Specifications

Set out the detailed technical requirements for the named aspect.

T1 Structural Assessment, (PDF) July 2000
T2 Structures  Design, (PDF) June 2004
T3 Roads Design Standards, (PDF) July 2012
T4 Planning and Design Survey, (PDF) July 2011
T5 Environment Investigations & Reporting, (PDF) June 2012
T6 Site and Materials Investigation, (PDF) July 2000
T7 Stakeholder Engagement, (PDF) June 2012
T8 Drainage Design Standards, (PDF) June 2012
T9 Lighting, (PDF) July 2000
T10 Traffic Signs and Pavement Marking, (PDF) February 2005
T11 Road Safety Audit, (PDF) July 2000
T12 Landscaping, (PDF) February 2005
T13 CADD Manual (PDF) July 2011
T14 Public Utilities, (PDF) February 2005
T15 Pavements, (PDF) October 2000
T16 Project Specification June 2012

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