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If wheelchairs require registration, they are registered as a light vehicle or a motorcycle with conditions depending on how they are constructed.

Registration if exceed 10 km/h

Motorised wheelchairs only need to be registered if:

  • used on public streets (including footpaths) and
  • can exceed a speed of 10 km/h.

Licence information is located at When is a licence required.

How to determine the speed

For information on the maximum speed of your wheelchair:

  • contact your supplier
  • look at any brochures, specifications or other material that was provided
  • contact your manufacturer
  • contact government or private providers of disability care.

Cancel existing registration

If a wheelchair is not capable of exceeding 10 km/h your registration may be cancelled.

Obtaining registration

To obtain registration undertake the requirements in Customer provides below.

Lights and other requirements

If a wheelchair is to be registered any requirements for lights or other additions will be advised during the inspection by an Approved Inspection Stations (AIS).

Customer provides

The customer needs to arrange through an Approved Inspection Stations (AIS):

  • inspection of the wheelchair.

The customer then undertakes the following through: Service Tasmania shops: complete the appropriate application form

Customer receives

The customer will receive:

  • the  certificate of registration and number plates.


The customer needs to pay:

  • the registration fee.