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Kingborough Safer Speeds (KiSS)

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What is the KiSS Demonstration?

The Kingborough Safer Speeds (KiSS) Demonstration is about safer travel speeds on rural roads.

During the KiSS Demonstration speed limits on rural roads will be lower than the 100 km/h rural default that applies elsewhere in the State.

The new lower rural speed limits in Kingborough, including Bruny Island, will be:

Rural sealed roads 90 km/h
Rural gravel roads 80 km/h

Unless otherwise signed

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Kingborough Safer Speeds (KiSS) Demonstration Brochure, (PDF, 739KB)

Why are we doing a Demonstration?

In May 2007 the Tasmanian Government released the new Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2007 - 2016, a bold new approach to road safety.

The KiSS Demonstration is a Safer Travel Speeds Initiative arising from the Strategy Action Plan.

Each year in Tasmania more than 400 people are seriously injured or die as a result of road crashes and just over half of these crashes occur in rural areas.

Research shows that lowering speed limits leads to significant road safety benefits.

The KiSS Demonstration provides an opportunity to look at how lower speed limits on rural roads will work in real life. Monash University Accident Research Centre will be evaluating the Demonstration to gauge community acceptance of the new speed limits and traffic flow speeds.


When does it start?

The KiSS Demonstration started on 24 September 2007.

There will be information signs to tell you when you are entering the Demonstration Area and to remind you of the rural speed limits that apply.


What roads are affected?

A complete list of all affected roads is included in the following PDF file:

Gravel Roads, (PDF, 96KB)
Sealed Roads, (PDF, 90.5KB)

What do I need to do?

If you are travelling on a rural sealed road and there is no speed limit sign the speed limit is 90 km/h.

If you are on a rural gravel road and there is no speed limit sign the speed limit is 80 km/h.

To give you time to adjust to the new speed limits, there will be an amnesty for the first month.

This will not apply to those detected exceeding the speed limit that was in place before the KiSS demonstration.

Regardless of the speed limit applying, remember to drive to the road, traffic and weather conditions. It's okay to do less than the speed limit.


What is an 'End Speed Limit' sign?

The end speed limit sign advises you that you have just left a posted speed limit zone and that beyond the sign the general default speed limit applies.


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