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Huon Highway Corridor Road Strategy

A 30 year strategy for the Huon Highway based on current and future business and community needs

What Stage Are We Up To?

The consultation phase has now been completed. A series of focus groups have been conducted for different interest groups and communities. The focus groups raised a number of priority issues which are summarised in:

Potential road improvements are being investigated around three key opportunities:

  1. Road safety improvements
  2. Improvements in travel times, travel speed consistency and reduced vehicle queuing
  3. New or improved tourism opportunities.

What's Next?

The identified improvements and opportunities will now be prioritised using an assessment involving economic, social and environmental criteria (triple bottom line assessment).


The area included is from south of the bridge at Huonville to Southport and includes Scotts Road.


To develop a prioritised list of road improvement projects within the road corridor for the next 30 years that will:

  • Improve road safety
  • Provide a more consistent traffic environment along the road corridor
  • Improve transport efficiency and overtaking opportunities


  1. Engineering issues identification using available data
  2. Identification of community and industry issues and opportunities using focus groups
  3. High level analysis to generate a list of prioritised project opportunities
  4. Concept development of priority projects

What and When

  1. List of potential road upgrade/improvement opportunities based on initial investigation of engineering and focus group issues by the end of September 2012
  2. Deliver a prioritised list of road improvement projects based on focus groups and high level analysis of available engineering data by the end of November 2012
  3. Concept development and high level costing of selected priority projects by April 2013

Contact Details

For further information about the project please email: