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Road Risk Reduction

Road Risk Reduction v2 (RRR v2) is a resource to support teachers delivering Tasmanian Qualifications Authority (TQA) Road Safety education courses.

A second edition of Road Risk Reduction (RRR) has been released to support Tasmanian schools and teachers implementing Road Safety Education in upper secondary schools and colleges.

RRR v2 is broken in to five key sections:

  • using and sharing the road,
  • how and why crashes occur,
  • high risk behaviours and strategies to reduce risk,
  • reducing harm through design and
  • becoming a safe and licenced driver.

The second release directs teachers toward the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority (TQA) Road Safety Education courses, providing road safety education principles, teacher background  material, student learning and assessment ideas, altogether in a multimedia website.

The teacher background material provides more information than is needed to deliver the student learning and assessment ideas.  It is expected teachers will selectively refer to the background notes only as needed, rather than treat it as a body of knowledge to learn.

Student learning experiences are aimed to assist teachers develop students? understanding and to achieve the TQA learning outcomes.  Any pedagogy mentioned should be treated as a suggestion, as delivery of the course needs to be tailored to suit class style, classroom dynamics and individual learning preferences.

  • RRR V2 site can be viewed here
  • Hard copies have been distributed to Tasmanian secondary schools and limited copies are available for loan from the Transport Library.