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Frequently asked questions

Question: I’ve found the perfect images but how do I download them?

Answer: Your agency Image Library contact can download images for you. Contact your department’s Image Library contact to arrange this.

If you are involved in an ongoing project that you frequently need to download images for you may be able to upgrade your user status to allow this. This will mean that you can download images without having to request your agency Image Library contact to do this for you.

Contact your department’s Image Library contact to arrange a user status upgrade.

Question: How do I refine my search?

Answer: The Advance Search offers many options to refine your search. By clicking on the Advance Search option on the image library home page you can:

  • search only selected categories
  • return images of a specified orientation
  • return full colour or black and white images.

Remember that to retrieve a wider range of search results try and use the simplest version of your word in the search box. For example if you are looking for shots that relate to work you might like to try “work” and this will retrieve all shots that have “worker, working and work” in the caption and title.

Question: I can’t find my light box when I use the image library from home.

Answer: The light box is stored on the hard drive of the computer you are using to access the image library. If you move to a new computer it will not have it stored. If you would like to look at your light box when using a different computer try emailing the light box to yourself so that you can refer to it on a different computer.

Question: What are the requirements to contribute an image to the image library?

Answer: In providing images to the Image Library, all agencies must comply with the following legal and policy requirements:

  • Is this version of the image the highest resolution available?
  • Was the image taken as part of a contract with the Crown?
  • Does copyright ownership vest absolutely with the Crown?
  • Have provisions been negotiated with the photographer in regard to Moral Rights consent?
  • Has the image subject(s) given permission to use the image by signing an Acknowledgement of Use of Image: template form?
  • Has a copy of the signed acknowledgement of Use of Image form and photographic commission contract been forwarded to the Director Communications Policy.

If you have any doubt/queries about the above, you should contact the Director – Communications Policy.

For example, some photos held by agencies may have non-exclusive licences to use those photos for a specific purpose e.g. inclusion in an annual report only. Authorisation for that specific use may prevent the image being included in the Image Library.

Note also that permission for a limited use might not entitle the agency to ‘convert’ i.e. digitise, or otherwise ‘communicate’ or ‘reproduce’ the image, including electronically transmitting it and making it available online.

Question: How can I contribute an image to the image library?

Answer: Before you add an image to the image libary you must check that you have met all the requirements to contribute to the Image Library outlined in the question above.

If you have met the checklist of requirements, there are two options for uploading images to the image library which are.

Option 1: Remote upload your agency’s images. This option is the preferred option and will require you to have a user upgraded or created as an Upload user.

Option 2: Centrally upload images through DPAC. This option is only available if you have less than 10 images to upload to the image library.
The steps required for each option are outlined below.

Option 1:

  • arrange permissions to upload the image remotely (i.e. allocation of an Upload user login) by contacting the Director - Communications Policy.
  • forward to the Director-Communications Policy, a hard copy or scanned copy of the Acknowledgment of Use of Image form and the Photographic Copyright Assignment Agreement.

Option 2:

  • forward the digital image to along with an Image Library: deposit form
  • forward to the Director - Communications Policy, a hard copy of the Image Deposit Form; and (where applicable) an Acknowledgement of Use of Image form and the Photographic Copyright Assignment Agreement.
  • Following receipt of the image and forms, the image will be uploaded to the image library and the contact person for the image notified.

Question: I’ve notice a number of titles have a version number after them e.g. teacher at front of classroom: version 1. What does this mean?

Answer: When a set of images with similar content/talent exists, all images in the set have been allocated the same title followed with colon and version 1,2,3 as appropriate. This is to ensure that all similar images will be returned from the same search.

For example, all versions of the teacher will be returned when you type in classroom including the version of him teaching, writing on the board, asking a question etc.
If you see an image where the title has a version in it, you will know that there are more similar images in this set.

Question: I’ve noticed there are comments under some of the images. What are they about?

Answer: One of the features of the Image Library is that you can leave a comment about an image. People who download images from the image library are encouraged to make a comment which includes:

  • the publication the image was used in
  • the department that used the image
  • and when the communications material was published.

This feature will help us track where images have been used around Government.