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AFS Limited Annual General Meeting
Aug 2012

The Annual General Meeting of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd was held on Thursday 25 October 2012 in Melbourne.

National Secretary, Richard Stanton presented a brief overview of a year of consolidation for AFS Ltd as summarised in the Annual Review of Activities for 2011-12 and the Annual General Meeting also agreed to amend the AFS Ltd Constitution to revise the current membership structure by creating five membership categories.

Annual Review of Activities 2011-12 AFS Ltd Constitution October 2012

Australian Sustainable Forest Certification Scheme Seminars
Oct 2012

Australian Forestry Standard Ltd (AFS Ltd) recently hosted two Australian Sustainable Forest Certification Scheme Information Seminars in Brisbane and Melbourne, the later in conjunction with the AFS Ltd Annual General Meeting.

The seminars provided a brief overview of forest management and chain of custody certification and an update on Australian Forestry Standard Ltd's progress and strategic direction, including a summary of the review processes for AS4707 and AS4708.

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Draft Standard available for public comment
Aug 2012

Revision of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management.

AFS Ltd announces the commencement of the second public comment phase of the revision process of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS4708).

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AFS Ltd responds to ABC Report
Aug 2012

The Australian Forestry Standard was referenced in a segment on the ABC's 7.30 Report on Tuesday, 31 July 2012.

The AFS Ltd Chairman has written to the ABC to address the misrepresentations of the Australian Forestry Standard that occurred in the story.

The letter is available as a link here.


Last updated: October, 2012

   Sustainable Forest Management... the world cannot survive without it!
Why Choose The Australian Standards for Forest Management and Chain of Custody?
Standards contribute to the protection of human beings, animals, property, forests and the environment against hazards of all kinds, ensure inter-changeability and inter-operability, and facilitate communication by means of common terminology.

Standards are independently certified; when standards are absent we soon take notice.

In the domestic market your organisation can make the claim that they support the sustainable management of Australian forests, promote Australian produced and made products and support the work force in Australia.

The only Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and the only Chain of Custody (CoC) certification process that are Australian Standards®
Australian Forestry Standard - SFM Certification - AS 4708
Australian Forestry Standard - CoC Certification - AS 4707

   AFS has Australia covered. Over 10 million hectares certified!
10,101,621 hectares certified under AS 4708 - The Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management
  • This is over 90% of Australias large public and private Native (timber harvesting) Forests and Plantations estates, 99% of certified Defined Forest Area in Australia .

  • Providing availability and supply of locally sourced timber and fibre to the wood & wood products industry.

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of timber products by having local supply not imported.

  • Providing certified product for the Chain of Custody export supply.
AS 4708 and AS 4707
238 Certified organisations, 220 Certificates issued - over 520 Certified sites
Sustainable Forest Management and Chain of Custody certifications are increasing rapidly as organisations meet the consumer demand and seek the recognition for corporate social responsibility in supporting sustainable forest management
Download the complete AFS Sustainable Forest Management certification register as at 1 December 2012 here.

Download the complete AFS/PEFC Australia Chain of Custody certification register as at 1 December 2012 here.

Congratulations to all the organisations that have achieved AFS/PEFC certification.
Review the full international list of certified organisations and products on the PEFC interactive database  Click Here

Click your browser refresh to ensure the latest list is viewed, or
Click on New Search link to search by organisation.


The five yearly review and revision process for the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) and Chain of Custody (AS 4707) have commenced.
This is an opportunity to develop a Standard that addresses the benchmarks of all certification schemes. It is important that all key groups engage and take ownership of the outcome of this review process. Everyone with a vested interest in the Standard is urged to engage and participate, either as members on the SRC 4708, or SRC 4707, as observers/key experts or through the public consultation process.

It is important that as many representatives as possible from across the industry have the opportunity to engage in the revision process from the earliest stages.

Contact details for Standards Revision:
EMAIL: Standards Revision
FAX: (02) 6281 3455
PHONE: (02) 6122 9000

Go to the AFSL Standards Revision page to learn more about how to become involved.
Australian Forestry Standard Limited and PEFC Australia
By Phone: (02) 6122 9000
By Fax: (02) 6281 3455
By E-mail: (Click on a link below to open a new email message)

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Call for Nominations for Members on the Standards Reference Committee for Sustainable Forstry Management AS 4708
Oct 2010

Nominations are open for the broad and inclusive Standards Review Committee. The Committee will consist of around twenty people from a range of backgrounds, interests and expertise.

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Revision of the Australian Standards for Sustainable Forest Management and Chain of Custody
Sept 2010

The Australian Forestry Standard Limited (AFSL) announces the commencement of the 5-yearly revision process of the Australian Standards for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) and Chain of Custody of wood and wood products (AS 4707).

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