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Transport Overview

Almost every Tasmanian uses the State's transport system, (PDF) on a daily basis - it is vital to the State's economy and to our communities. Its core infrastructure encompasses 24,000 km of Australian, State and Local Government roads; 632 kilometres of rail track, four key ports and four major airports.

The State's economy is heavily reliant on the ability of our transport system to move freight from producers to processors and on to markets - within Tasmania, nationally and internationally. The linkages to Tasmania's northern ports are critical as the departure points for the majority of the State's exports.

Transport infrastructure is also an essential element to connecting our communities - it takes Tasmanians to work, school, shops, health care, recreation and social activities every day.

Like other infrastructure sectors, investment in our transport system can be costly, and can have a long term impact. The maintenance of transport infrastructure already consumes a significant proportion of the State's total infrastructure funding. As a result, long term asset management and maintenance are as important as new infrastructure.

For our transport system to continue to cater for Tasmania's growing transport task, we must use our existing infrastructure more effectively, while making strategic investments to bolster the capacity and efficiency of the system.

This includes better integration of transport planning with land use planning - by locating residential areas and urban centres closer together, to reduce trip lengths and reduce the overall numbers of trips. We can also locate producers, processors and export points closer to each other, connected by our existing transport network.

By using the transport system more effectively, we can reduce overall transport costs, increase our competitiveness and direct our infrastructure funding more efficiently - to provide the transport system required for current and future generations of Tasmanians.