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Our Vision Achieving our vision Why do we have an Economic Development Plan A system Implementation

Our vision

Tasmania is a small, beautiful and remote part of the world with unique features and rich natural resources that the world increasingly values. The Economic Development Plan centres on making the most of Tasmania’s assets to secure prosperity and jobs.

Achieving our vision

The Economic Development Plan establishes a clear purpose and four goals to guide a whole-of-government effort. The Economic Development Plan is a holistic framework for the entire government to be deployed across agencies so that actions can be coordinated and better outcomes achieved.

A system

The world is becoming more interconnected and complex. We cannot work in isolated silos if we are going to achieve holistic outcomes. This is why we need a system-based approach that gives a whole-of-government focus to economic development.


Implementation of the Economic Development Plan will be overseen by a specially established group of the most senior public servants from the relevant agencies.

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