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Identity and Access Management Toolkit Documents

The Identity and Access Management Toolkit (the Toolkit) is a practical resource that takes the user through a risk management process to determine appropriate identity registration, authentication and ongoing management procedures to be applied in relation to the management of employee identity and access management practices, as well as the management of client registration for services.

By working through Part 1 of the Toolkit in relation to a particular service or activity, the user will develop suitable identity and access management procedures which can be implemented and managed. A worksheet is provided to assist the user in working through Part 1.

The Toolkit comprises:

Introduction and Glossary PDF Document

Part 1 Assessing Identity Risk Guidelines PDF Document

Part 2 Identity Registration Guidelines and Standards PDF Document

Part 3 Identity Credential Management Guidelines and StandardsPDF Document

Part 4 Identity Access Management Guidelines PDF Document

Appendix 1 National Identity Security Strategy: the Gold Standard Enrolment Framework PDF Document

Appendix 2 National Identity Security Strategy: Security Standards for Proof-of-Identity Documents PDF Document

Appendix 3 National Identity Security Strategy: Gold Standard e-Authentication Requirements PDF Document

Identity and Access Management Worksheet PDF Document

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