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ICT Policy Board - Modernising ICT Governance

The Office of eGovernment provides support for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy Board.  The ICT Policy Board was created by government to advise the Premier on:

  • strategic directions for ICT within government
  • the review of proposed policies for ICT across government
  • the program for introducing changes outlined in the strategic directions for ICT within government.

The ICT Policy Board's objectives are:

  1. Sustainable ICT:  Ensure longevity and efficiency of government services, and a lower environmental impact, through efficient use of ICT resources and skills
  2. Efficient government:  Create new opportunities for reducing the costs of government services
  3. Effective government:  Improved quality and accessibility of government services through better use of government ICT
  4. Innovative government:  Generate new and improved government services from new ways of using ICT; where possible foster the commercial use of them by the local business community
  5. Clever government:  Connect agency services, and increase cross-agency collaboration with appropriate government ICT tools
  6. Agile government:  More responsive government through appropriate ICT resources and skills 

The role of the ICT Policy Board is to:

  • provide advice to the Premier regarding strategies, policies, investment and performance for the use of ICT across government
  • develop and maintain an ICT Strategy, which includes investment priorities, for the use of ICT across government
  • monitor performance against the ICT Strategy for the use of ICT across government
  • endorse policies for use of ICT across government
  • endorse the work practices and roles of the Office of eGovernment, including:
    • supporting the roles of the ICT Policy Board, including facilitation of the development of strategies and policies and monitoring of those strategies
    • providing comprehensive advice on the ICT implications of strategies, policies and initiatives being considered by ministers
    • promoting the understanding of strategic issues by senior executives and managers across government
    • developing benchmarks on ICT investment and performance to enable comparison of agencies and the Tasmanian Government with other organisations
  • act as the program management board for the program of projects to progress the ICT Strategy for the use of ICT across government

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ICT Policy Board Charter and Terms of Reference PDF File (54.2 KB)

The ICT Policy Board Charter outlines the principles, framework and governance arrangements for the Board and its relationship with the Premier and agencies.

Modernising Government, Modernising ICT Management Report PDF File (1.3 MB)

The Modernising Government, Modernising ICT Management report is the result of a review into how the Tasmanian Government as a whole delivers and manages information and communications technology (ICT) services.

ICT Policy Board communiqués

The ICT Policy Board generally issues a communiqué after each meeting.

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