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Liberal Opposition votes against protecting workers’ entitlements

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Liberal Opposition have shown their utter contempt for Australian working people by voting against a bill that provides stronger protections for workers’ entitlements.

“It is unsurprising the Liberals have returned to their anti-worker ways by not only proposing an amendment to reduce entitlements for long serving employees, but also voting against the legislation,” said Senator Urquhart

“Under the Howard Government’s flawed General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme, workers’ redundancy payments were capped at 16 weeks if their employer entered liquidation or bankruptcy and could not pay their entitlements,”

“This was regardless of their length of service for a company and regardless of the conditions in their industrial agreement,”

“Labor committed at the 2010 election to remove the cap from this scheme and we met this commitment by an administrative order in January 2011,”

“This week, Labor has moved to enshrine these protections in legislation, with the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Bill 2012, and the Liberals’ response was first to try and water down the improvements for workers’ then they vote against the Bill anyway,”

“The Bill passed the House of Reps and will come before the Senate before the end of the year,”

“Australians deserve to know what the Liberals have planned in industrial relations,”

“In the past the Liberals used their WorkChoices legislation to cut penalty rates, over-time, leave loading and public holiday pay from working Australians,”

“The conclusion that can be drawn from the Liberals opposition to these changes is that if they win Government at the next election they will no doubt introduce legislation to disadvantage Australian workers.”

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