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P - Television & multimedia

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All television advertising and DVDs produced for, or on behalf of, the Tasmanian Government must carry a pre-end logo frame. Television advertising must also carry the authorisation frame.
Logo screen

30 seconds and above

The Tasmanian Government logo must appear for a minimum of 2.5 seconds on the pre-end frame screen of all television commercials and productions produced by agencies, while the strap line is spoken.

The logo is to be a minimum size of one-third of the screen height and should appear in full colour on a white screen. A television-ready visual file is available from the Director, Communications Policy (DPAC).

If sponsors logos are to be used, they are to appear evenly spaced along the bottom of the screen under the Tasmanian Government logo.

In cases where the use of the strap line under the logo and in the voice over is inappropriate, contact the Director of Communications (Office of the Premier) for an exemption.

15 seconds and below

The Tasmanian Government logo must appear for a minimum of 1.5 seconds on the pre-end frame screen. It must be a minimum size of one-third of the screen height and should appear in full colour on a white screen, however, the strap line is not spoken. The strap line should appear slightly larger and shrink to a proportionate size. A television-ready file is available from the Director, Communications Policy (DPAC).

Authorisation frame

All television advertisements must carry the official authorisation end tag “Authorised by the Tasmanian Government, Hobart. Spoken by (name/s talent)” on screen. These words must appear on a black screen for at least 1.5 seconds.

The words “Authorised by the Tasmanian Government, Hobart” must be spoken at the same time as the authorisation end frame is shown. The authorisation is written in Futura mid BT in 20-24 point. During a care taker period, the “spoken by” information must be included in the voice over.

Authorisation screen

Master Ordering Arrangement

Integral Communications currently holds the Master Ordering Arrangement for the State Government’s television advertising. It has responsibility for negotiating rates with each of the television stations and can provide advice and assistance with the placement of advertising.

Television advertising can be placed either directly through one of the individual television stations, or through any advertising agency.

Community Service Announcements (CSAs)

The requirements for television advertisements remain if an ad is featured as a CSA, except that the authorisation screen is not required. Representation of the station's support will depend upon individual negotiations.


All television commercials/community service announcements, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs produced for broadcast or viewing by the public must include captioning for the deaf and hearing impaired.

This includes general information videos and DVDs playing in a Government office, customer service area, public hospital, public event or trade show and videos and DVDs that the public can request, hire or purchase.

See the Tasmanian Government Captioning Policy for more details.

Example of a video with captioning (still shot)

Presentation of partnership and support logos

Joint partnership

If the Tasmanian Government is participating in a joint partnership with other organisations, the Tasmanian Government logo is to appear in the same size and proportion as logos of participating organisations. The Authorisation Frame is not required.


If organisations are providing sponsorship or support to a Tasmanian Government project or initiative, their logos may appear on the pre-end frame below the Tasmanian Government logo. The Authorisation Frame is required. If the Tasmanian Government is providing support or sponsorship to an organisation or initiative, the Tasmanian Government logo must appear in its entirety with the ‘supported by’ or ‘sponsored by’ tag.

Example of acknowledgement of sponsors