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Stage 2 Optimal Operating Service Models

What is the Stage 2 – Optimal Operating Service Models (OOSMs)?
This is the second of three stages that will comprise the Business Case for light rail in Hobart’s Northern Suburbs. This report discusses the optimal operation of a light rail service between Hobart CBD and Claremont. This approach is intended to maximise the benefits from such a system, while at the same time minimising the costs.

What does it say?
The associated report considers critical elements of a light rail system including: the type of vehicle operated, the level of track upgrade required, track configuration and alignment, preferred destination in Hobart and signalling.

The report recommends two Optimal Operating Service Models (OOSMs), one utilising diesel powered vehicles and the second utilising electrically powered vehicles using overhead wiring. Recommendations common to both OOSMs include a track upgrade to achieve operating speed of 60km/h and over, single track with passing loops, a connection from the existing rail terminus at Macquarie Point to Mawson Place (along the waterfront side of Davey Street ) and a electronic, interlocking signalling system.

What happens next?
Consultants ACIL-Tasman will consider the costs associated with the two OOSMs in Stage 3, and align those costs to the identified benefits of a rail service. This will allow the calculation of a benefit cost ratio for the rail service. An economic model, specifically developed for the analysis of the introduction of light rail in the Northern Suburbs, will be utilised to calculate demand.  The model will enable analysis of changes in travel patterns following the introduction of light rail services, and the benefits accruing, including the value of broader changes such as improved social inclusion.  

Can I make a submission on the Stage 2 Report?
There is no formal process for making submissions on the Stage 2 Report. However, you are welcome to provide any feedback. Please contact the Light Rail Business Case, Project Manager, Peter Kruup 6233 5485.

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