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8.4 Tasmanian Government websites


Government websites are key platforms for providing public access to information and services. They are also a critical part of government’s internal communication and information sharing infrastructure. Agencies must aim to meet the public expectation that information on government websites is accurate and up-to-date.


Agencies must manage their websites and portals in accordance with the Tasmanian Government Website Standards. In particular, the following broad principles, contained within the Tasmanian Government Website Standards, apply to Tasmanian Government websites:

  1. Public information is made available online except where the head of agency determines not to publish on the web because of:
    • high cost relative to the benefit of electronic accessibility
    • low usage
    • high publication complexity
    • low suitability for web delivery.
  2. Details of public information unavailable on the web must be discoverable on the web. A brief summary must be provided together with details on how to access a copy via email, telephone or mail.
  3. Agencies must ensure access to, and usability by, the widest possible target community appropriate to the service or information resource.
  4. Agencies are responsible for the content and must ensure services and information resources provided online are comparable in quality and functionality to those delivered by other means.

When creating websites, agencies should carefully consider whether it is appropriate to publish the information on an existing website or a new website. In particular, information about projects with limited lifespan or expected low public interest may be more appropriately and efficiently published on either the agency’s main website or another existing site.

To ensure publishing standards and communications requirements are met, agencies must:

It is recommended that agencies aim to meet the Tasmanian Government website standards where practical when websites are developed in partnership with third-party organisations.