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My staff and I are willing and able to assist you with any concerns, enquiries or problems you may have with issues related to Government Departments and Agencies such as the Tax Office, Centrelink, Immigration, Disability Services, Child Support or Aged Care, or with private companies.

We can also help you with:

  • a congratulatory message for a relative or friends’ birthday;
  • an Australian and/or Indigenous flag for your organisation;
  • information on Government services; or
  • assistance identifying grant opportunities.

My staff and I will do our best to assist with your issue, but we can’t promise to fix every problem. Use the contact page or call us on (03) 6423 1933 to get in touch.


For general government information, download one of the information kits. These kits have tailored advice for pensioners and seniors, families, young people and veterans, and general information on how our government works and superannuation.


The website has some useful search functions if you’re in need of Government Services.

Put the Federal Government service you’re after into the Search function on the A-Z of Services or the A-Z of Forms.

If you’re after Tasmanian Government services there are a few links here. If you want to speak to someone in Government and need their contact details use the Federal Government Directory or Tasmanian Government Directory.

To find your nearest Centrelink or Medicare shopfront, put your postcode into the Government shopfront locator.


Visit the Australian Labor Party’s website to learn more about the Party and get involved. One great tool is the Labor Connect site where you can actively participate in discussions with people from across Australia. For all the current policies of the Labor Party visit the Agenda section, or if you’re interested in the history and mechanics of Australia’s oldest political party visit the AusLabor section.