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5.3 State symbols


Permission is required to reproduce Tasmania’s official state symbols, including the Tasmanian Coat of Arms.

The Coat of Arms is used by Tasmanian Government authorities (including the State Service Commissioner) and the Judiciary (including the courts) and in the course of official business, to identify the Government’s authority and property. The Coat of Arms is not to be used by any other person or organisation to indicate an affiliation with Tasmania, or to imply Tasmanian Government involvement and/or support.

Use of the Coat of Arms for commercial purposes (e.g. on mementos, souvenirs or collector items or sporting apparel) is not permitted.

Policy requirements

Use or reproduction of the following, by other than Tasmanian Government bodies, requires written permission from the State Protocol Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet:

  • Coat of Arms
  • Tasmanian flag
  • Tasmanian badge (white shield and Red Lion featured on Tasmanian Flag)
  • Mineral: crocoite (lead chromate)
  • Floral emblem: Tasmanian blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus Labill).

Visit the Department of Premier and Cabinet website for more information on these elements.


State Protocol Office
Department of Premier and Cabinet