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9.1 Cabinet Communications Committee

The Cabinet Communications Committee consists of the Premier, Deputy Premier and Treasurer. Other Ministers may be asked to attend to discuss specific projects/campaigns etc. To assist the Committee in its deliberations, officials from Ministerial Offices and agencies may be required to attend its meetings.

The role of the Committee is to:

  • Consider and approve the Government’s priorities, themes and key messages for communications that underpin or inform government/agency communications plans and activities.
  • Approve an annual high-level overarching strategic plan for major government communications.
  • Consider major strategic government communication activities, consistent with the overarching strategic plan, that warrant a whole-of-government focus or impact across the usual boundaries of agency/portfolio responsibility.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the communication and marketing of key government policies, initiatives and programs.
  • Report to the Cabinet on the effectiveness of whole-of-government communications against plans.
  • Approve any major Government communications programs managed centrally, usually by the Government Communications Office in the Premier’s Office. The approval may include approval of specific funding submissions to Budget Committee.
  • Specify any requirements for agency communication plans.
  • In specific instances, request that agencies present information on their agency communications plans and any major communications campaigns.
  • Approve the Tasmanian Government Communications Policy and corporate branding, monitor its effectiveness and approve any changes to the Policy or branding requirements.