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Other road rule changes


Other Road Rule Changes

On 30 November 2009 there will be a number of other changes to the road rules a full version of the road rules can be viewed at from 30 November 2009.

Here are some of the other new road rule changes.

For Users of Wheeled Recreational Devices (WRDs)

The new rules will:

  • allow the use of WRDs and toys on areas such as footpaths (but not roads) at night; and
  • allow roller-bladers and roller-skaters to cross roads without removing their skates.

For Drivers and Riders

Stopping at a stop line
Drivers must ensure they stop as near as practical but before reaching, a stop line or if there is no stop line, before the stop sign or the intersection. However, drivers are not required to stop at stop lines when it is not necessary, for example at children's crossings that aren't operating.

Drivers who are required to stop at a red traffic light or arrow must also ensure they stop as near as practical but before reaching a stop line and must not enter upon a marked foot crossing that is located immediately beyond the stop line.

Certain drivers, such as those of large trucks or buses, are to mount the central traffic island in a roundabout as long as it is necessary and done safely.With the new rules these drivers must always ensure they keep their vehicle to the left side of the island.

Making and obeying signals
Drivers must in future give an appropriate change of direction signal for long enough to warn other drivers or riders when approaching a roundabout.  At present these signals must only be given when entering the roundabout.

It will be an offence to disobey any reasonable direction for the safe and efficient movement of traffic given by an SES worker who is directing traffic at the scene of a crash or an emergency incident or at a public event.  

Helping keep pedestrians safe
It will be an offence for both drivers and passengers to offer to buy articles or services from peddlers or hawkers on a road.  This is in addition to the rule that bans such people from being on the road to peddle or solicit business etc.  The rule aims to address safety concerns caused by windscreen washers, newspaper sellers etc.  

Making Turns
Drivers and riders must make sure that turns are made correctly including:

  • Approaching and turning from within the lane nearest to the left side of the road or from within a slip lane if one exists, when making a left turn;
  • Approaching and turning from within the lane nearest to the dividing line (or dividing strip) on a two-way road, when making a right turn;
  • Making sure that turns are made as indicated by a turn line, pavement arrows or signs.
  • Approaching and turning from the far left or as close as practicable to the dividing line or strip as the case may be, when making turns on roads without marked lanes and ensuring all signs or road markings are obeyed.

Drivers of long vehicles with a 'Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle' sign may straddle lane lines if necessary to make left or right turns.

For Passengers

Leading an animal from a moving vehicle
The new rule makes it an offence for a passenger to lead an animal from in or on a moving vehicle. (Previously this was only an offence if committed by the driver or the rider of a bicycle.)