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Department of Premier and Cabinet TMD

Announcement of successful RFT 1 suppliers for carriage and calls.

In late 2011, the Tasmanian Government released two requests for tender (RFTs) for telephony and related services.  The aim is to replace telephone services currently purchased from Telstra under expiring agreements. In particular, the Government will be replacing a large number of services supplied using Telstra’s Spectrum product, following advice from Telstra that this product is to be withdrawn.

The first RFT covered carriage and calls over both traditional technologies (ISDN, Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS)) and IP-based technology (SIP), as well as inbound services (13 and 1800 numbers).
TMD would like to announce the successful RFT 1 suppliers, MyNetFone, for services relating to carriage and associated call charges, and Telstra Corporation, for more traditional POTS, ISDN and Inbound telephony carriage services.

“MyNetFone is a young, energetic, innovating company which has proven it is capable to develop services that meet the Government’s requirements.  This agreement will put the Government in a great position to meet the evolving needs of our communities.  We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with them,” TMD General Manager, Piero Peroni said.

The second RFT covered the provision of a private voice network (in-building equipment, including handsets), to be connected to the public voice network through the IP-based services to be provided by MyNetFone.  A successful supplier has not yet been announced for this RFT.