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Changing Name and/or Address


Customers need to change details on the Motor Registry System from time to time. By advising any change the Motor Registry System automatically updates every registration and licence attached to the customer's name.
Customers must always use the same name and address for registration of vehicles and driver licences.
A garage address for a vehicle is specific to one vehicle and can be different to the residential address of the customer.

Changing name

A customer who changes their name must advise the Registrar in writing within 14 days and:

  • provide a current Tasmanian licence or Full Evidence of Identity plus one of the following relevant documents:
    - Marriage certificate (issued by Births, Deaths & Marriages - not church)
    - Divorce paper (issued by Court)
    - Deed Poll certificate
    - Change of Name registration (issued by Births, Deaths & Marriages)
    - Guardianship order (issued by Court)
    - Adoption paper (issued by Court)

There must be only one record created for each client and the same record used for all transactions for that client.

Changing address

A customer must notify the Registrar within 14 days of a change in address.
A new residential address for a licence-holder must be in Tasmania. (If the customer has moved interstate they should apply for a licence in the new jurisdiction and surrender their Tasmanian licence.)
A customer who changes the address for their licence is issued with a sticker for the licence showing the new address.

Changing garage address

To change their garage address for registration, a customer must provide evidence of the new address, and that address must be Tasmanian.
The Registrar will amend the record as necessary.

Change of designated operator

If you are one of the two (joint) registered operators of a vehicle, you can change the designated operator of your vehicle at any time.  To change the designated operator contact 1300 851 225 and providing we have an individual record of the new designated operator on the register (Motor Registry System) it will be changed.

Alternatively you can fill in the Nomination of Designated Operator form and mail it to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, GPO Box 1002, Hobart Tas 7001.

If the new designated operator does not have an individual record on the register, the designated operator will not be changed until Full Evidence of Identity has been provided to a Service Tasmania shop