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Department of Premier and Cabinet TMD

The Government Directory Service (GDS) provides contact information about people and services provided within the Tasmanian Government.


The specific types of information available within the GDS includes:

  • Contact information - names, email addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers
  • Service information - contact and location information for Government services
  • Corporate information - structure, roles and functions of Government Agencies and location details
  • Resource information - location of Government resources (eg meeting rooms)


The directory is available to both Tasmanian Government employees and the general public, with differing levels of information able to be displayed.  For example, a TMD customer may choose to have an internal view, a government view, and a public view, each displaying different levels of information.


Information is uploaded to the directory on a regular basis in a variety of formats and from a variety of sources, most commonly from customer HR systems and email systems.


The GDS is available at:

 Updating information

If any GDS information displayed about you such as your name, your role or your telephone number is incorrect, you can submit updated information.