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Funding resources

Everything you need in the form of information guides and templates to assist your funding application.



The department offers grants to businesses and individuals to assist in professional and sector development in Tasmania.  This includes support for expansion of Tasmanian industry, access to Arts in Tasmania and opportunities for Tasmanians to participate in sport and recreation activities.


The department offers a variety of different loan schemes to businesses, sole traders and to promote arts, culture and sport and recreation opportunities.



Broaden and expand your business knowledge and market understanding by participating in a range of programs provided by the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts.

Funding. All you need to know.

Latest news


The Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology, David O’Byrne MP, released Reaching our potential: developing Tasmania’s science research capability on 14 December 2012.  Read more about the Tasmanian Government’s plan to develop the science research sector.

Tasmanian Access Report

In February 2012, the Minister for Tourism, Scott Bacon, established the Access Working Group to provide information and advice to Government on sustainable growth for services in and out of Tasmania.
The Tasmanian Access Report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current level of air and sea services...

Regional Economic Development Plans

The Minister for Economic Development, David O’Byrne MP, has launched three Regional Economic Development Plans, for the North West, Northern and Southern regions of Tasmania.
The Plans provide a framework, at the regional level, to determine strategic priorities and to coordinate their implementation.

Macquarie Point

Community consultation on the future of the Macquarie Point railyards site is imminent following the establishment of a steering committee to oversee the first stages of its development.


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