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Digital Futures

Innovation, Science and Technology

Digital Futures

Information and communications technology (ICT) and digital industries

The goal of the Digital Futures Strategy, announced by the government in August 2010, is to leverage the National Broadband Network (NBN) to create an innovative, sustainable and vibrant Tasmanian digital economy.

The strategic objectives of the Digital Futures Strategy are to prepare business and the community for the digital economy, and to assist the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, both local ICT research organisations and ICT businesses, to exploit opportunities for the development of NBN-capable applications, services and technologies.

The Digital Futures Strategy has four objectives:

  1. Community engagement with the digital economy in which  the community is gaining social and economic benefits from the digital economy.   
  2. Business participation in the digital economy, such that all Tasmanian businesses have an understanding of and have the skills and capability to take full advantage of the digital economy. 
  3. Government delivery of services online and making public data readily accessible via the Government 2.0 framework. 
  4. Building the local ICT business sector through facilitating engagement in the development of NBN-capable application, services and technologies;  and building the local ICT research sector through research project seed funding.

Projects being undertaken in 2011/12 include:

  • Digital Ready Program – to help small business operators participate in the digital economy by providing targeted knowledge, skills and advice via a Business e-Kit and appropriate coaching;
  • Business Tasmania Online – a whole of Government 2.0 business-to-government online service and collaboration portal;
  • Small Business Impact Assessment - an analysis of the impact of small business engagement with the digital economy and use of the NBN;
  • NBN4Business – an Assistance Package provided to the TCCI, TFGA, TSBC and TICT to assist industry and business gain awareness and take advantage of the NBN by participating in the digital economy;



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