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Right to Information

Advice and services. All you need to know.

Right to Information

The department publishes information about the programs, policies and services we provide to help the public understand what we do. We also publish information about our decisions, finances and corporate structure to show how we do it.

This is in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009, which provides for greater public access to information held by government bodies.

Choose from the links below to find out more about the Right to Information Act or to obtain information about or from the department.

What is the Right to Information Act 2009?
Find out about Tasmania’s right to information laws and what they aim to achieve.

How do I find information myself?
Find out how you can obtain information from the department.
Search our website, by class of information, key word, browse A-Z, or contact us. 

How do I apply for ‘assessed disclosure’?
If you haven't been able to obtain the information you are after, find out how to make an application for assessed disclosure of information.

What will we do once we have your application for 'assessed disclosure' of information?
Learn more about what happens after your application is submitted.

What information is exempted from disclosure?
Some information you apply for may not be disclosed to you because it is exempted from disclosure under the Act. Find out more about the exemptions provided in the Act.

The Ombudsman's RTI Manual and Guidelines
Links to resources that provide information on the Right to Information Act.

Right to Information Register
Information routinely released by the department as per section 12(2b) of the Right to Information Act (2009).



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