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Department of Premier and Cabinet TMD

Networking Tasmania II (NT II) is an outsourced, integrated, data communications network for the Tasmanian Government.

NT II provides a range of proactively managed end-to-end wide area network services, including managed network services, connection services, Internet gateway and filtering services and Government directory services.

NT II provides opportunities for multiple suppliers.  To date, agreements have been negotiated with:


  • Aurora for the supply of -
    • Connection services
    • Optional services (including co-location services)


Aurora Customer Care Centre

1800 650 779


  • iiNet for the supply of -
    • Connection services
    • Optional services (including internet-only services)


iiNet Customer Care Centre

1300 NET TAS (1300 638 827)


Telstra for the supply of -

    • The core network and associated services
    • Connection services
    • The internet gateway
    • Messaging services
    • The Government Directory Service (GDS)
    • Optional services (including web hosting)


Telstra Customer Care Centre

1800 813 302

Additional suppliers could also be selected over time.

The NT II services are designed and delivered to meet each customer's business requirements, rather than to deploy particular technologies.

While customers purchase most services directly from the suppliers, TMD is responsible for:

  • Contract supervision and monitoring
  • Development of new services
  • Ordering of common services
  • Quality assurance
  • Benchmarking
  • Pricing reviews

The cost of providing these contract management services is recovered by suppliers on TMD's behalf through the collection of a 5% contact management fee.

The common services, ordered by TMD on behalf of customers, are the core network, the internet gateway services, messaging services and the government directory service.  Depending on the customer, costs for these are recovered either:

  • By TMD in proportion to each customer's use of NT II connection services (from any supplier); or
  • Directly by Telstra


For more information

TMD Service Management Centre

1800 255 505