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A place of wild beauty and Australia's smallest state, the biggest thing about Tasmania is in fact its size. Unlike its larger neighbour - the mainland - Tasmania presents endless variety within a compact space.

Visualize the Republic of Ireland, or Hokkaido in Japan, or multiply Switzerland twice ... in this small area you will witness landscapes which change from green rainforested valleys, peaks and highland lakes to long glistening impossibly white beaches, towering sea cliffs and cities that are not yet overwhelming; that belongs to the scenery. Often these contrasts are all within a 90-minute drive.

It has a climate which is maritime and mild. Yet most of our island state is beyond definition.

Explore Tasmania. Our regions (that's them over on the left) will delight you with their differences. You can cram as little or as much as you want into your time in this special place. Don't make the mistake of thinking it is so small that you will see it all in a few days, in a hurry. Your holiday is not about hurrying!

Relax, play, tour, chill out, reflect, enjoy. Decide where to stay, what to see, and experience our well known sites - the ones you've heard about. But your most special moments will be finding places to make your own. That's why we're called DiscoverTasmania.

Our Holiday Guides will help you plan. They are packed with itinerary ideas, great pics, and the travel information you need to explore the diverse nature of each specific region.

If you want to lace up your boots and head for the wild, wind your way leisurely through vineyards, learn lessons from our history and heritage, or satisfy your inner culture demon, then it is all here.
So many experiences, you may have a hard time choosing what to include and what to leave out in creating your ideal Tasmanian holiday.