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Regional Economic Development Plans

Regional Economic Development Plans

Goal Four of the Economic Development Plan is ‘To support and grow communities within regions’. Sustainable economic development is an essential element of liveable regional communities and it requires the cooperation of all three tiers of government - Australian, Tasmanian and Local - to align their priorities and strategies to grow and support our regional economies and communities.

Importantly, the Economic Development Plan signalled the development of three Regional Economic Development Plans to coordinate government actions at a regional level in order to build resilient regional economies, through making them more diverse.

Three Regional Economic Development Plans, for North West, Northern and Southern Tasmania, have been developed to identify the specific opportunities and challenges of each region and integrate these with the overarching economic development priorities outlined in the Economic Development Plan.

The regional plans build on existing work undertaken by councils and regional bodies as well as by the Australian Government. They have also drawn on local expertise and knowledge of regional issues, through the valued input of local enterprises, three Regional Reference Groups, and community members across the region who attended community conversations held in March and August 2012 to provide input into the regional plans.

These Regional Economic Development Plans are about making the most of the strengths and comparative advantages of each of Tasmania’s three distinct regions. As well, they are about recognising and supporting those sectors of the economy that play such a major role in the employment, vibrancy and liveability of each region and its local communities.



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