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Project management

Project management is a formalised and structured method of managing change in a rigorous manner. It focuses on producing specifically defined outputs by a certain time, to a defined quality and with a given level of resources so that planned outcomes are achieved.

The Tasmanian Government Project Management Framework is comprised of the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines and supporting resources, developed in collaboration with practising project managers.

The ICT Policy Board in November 2011 endorsed the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines as General Advice for Tasmanian Government Agencies, and for agencies to seriously consider the applicability of the advice according to their circumstances.

A range of services is provided to support project management, including:

Information and advice on project management is available to all agencies by emailing

Getting started in project management

Provides information, templates, and other useful resources to help you get started in project management.

Project life

Provides a generic high-level view of the life of a project and links to resources for project initiation, set up, management and finalisation stages.

Project Management Guidelines

Provides guidelines for project management within the Tasmanian Government.

Supporting resources

Provides resources to help you to set up and manage a project based on the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines.

Project Management Advisory Committee

Information about the Project Management Advisory Committee.

Further information

Additional information about project management.

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