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Tasmania’s landscape is internationally renowned. Its wilderness and coasts and waterways make a perfect “theatre” to stage events. Tasmania’s landscape also provides diverse opportunities for unique and memorable pre or post event itineraries.

An archipelago of almost 370 islands and with more reserved area than just about any other place on the planet, Tasmania’s lifestyle is inextricably linked to its natural environment.

You would be hard pressed in Tasmania to book accommodation without a view and conference venues with water frontage are common.

Nearly 50 per cent of Tasmania’s land mass has been set aside in formal reserves and World Heritage Areas, but although much of Tasmania’s wilderness is rugged and remote, with the assistance of quality local operators, it is still accessible to all.

With mobile kitchens and a ‘can do’ attitude, plating a large dinner on a deserted beach or a mountain top is just another day at the office for some of Tasmania’s chefs.

You might think you know what Tasmania’s wilderness looks like: thick, wet eucalypt forests with tannin-coloured rivers, home to unique wildlife and tall flowering plants, but if you haven’t been to Tasmania, you may find the diversity of its wilderness surprising.

Turquoise blue water flanked by a pristine white beach with sand broken only by huge boulders covered in red lichen.

Dolomite cliffs rising out of a dark ocean and stretching towards the sky with seals lolling about the rocks beneath.

The contrasts are breathtaking.

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