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You can choose a transport option to suit your needs. Tasmania has all modes of transport from rental cars to sailing ships.

Getting to Tasmania is only part of the journey – getting around this great state is a real trip.

You’ll either arrive here by ferry – the great Bass Strait crossing on the Spirit of Tasmania, (take your time, have a drink, watch the sea views, relax) or you’ll be so keen to get here, you’ll jump on a plane and arrive in one of our major cities, ready to hit the ground running.

If you HAVE been ‘Spirited’ here, you’ll absolutely want to bring your own car – the ferry’s big enough to bring almost as many cars as passengers. This is the best way to see Tasmania. Load up with all your luggage and forget about excess baggage fees – bring as much as you want for once. Once you’re off the boat, you’re in your own vehicle and ready to explore. Be sure to seek out the Tasmanian Visitor Information Network Centres.

Great roads, jaw-dropping views, brilliant coastlines and photo-snapping little towns all over the state. Take your time - do what you want, see what you want, drive where you want and stay where you want – you’re in the driver’s seat and it’s your holiday.

However, you might want to be looked after a bit more - sample a few of our great wines and let someone else do the driving. No problem. There are plenty of tour operators who know all the good spots to visit and will take you there in style – let someone else look after you for once. After all, you’re here to be spoiled.

Just to put things into perspective, although Tasmania is a small state by Australian standards, it’s actually the same size as the Republic of Ireland, so don’t expect to walk around it in a few days. It’s roughly 68,000 square kilometers (that’s about 26,000 miles).

But there are flights between the major cities and getting to all the great out-of-town spots is really no problem, whether it’s in a rental car, a sit-back-and-relax luxury coach, a ferry, or even a sailing ship.

Transport is never a problem in Tasmania but you’ll want to do more than get from point A to B – there’s an entire alphabet to explore here.