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Current activities

Provides a list of current activities for the Office of eGovernment.

ICT Policy Board - Modernising ICT Governance

Provides information on new ICT governance arrangements for Tasmanian Government.

IT Transformation Program

Provides information on the IT Transformation Program, including improving the way government as a whole can deliver and manage Information Technology (IT) services.

IPv6 Transition Strategy

Provides information on the IPv6 transition strategy, including a common approach for Tasmanian Government agencies to make the transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) as the successor to version 4 for general use on the Internet.

Client Update Service Project

The Client Update Service Project was initiated to provide a whole-of-government change of personal information service, incorporating an address validation process, prior to transferring changed address information to agencies.

ICT Budgeting and Investment

The first phase of this initiative is a project to identify and establish ICT investment measures and benchmarks. A sustainable process for reporting expenditure against benchmarks is an important input to the development of and ICT budgeting and investment policy.

Information Security Charter and Guidelines revision

The Office of eGovernment, in consultation with the Information Security Reference Group, is revising the Tasmanian Government Information Security Charter and Guidelines to support ongoing development of information security practice across government.

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