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146 ArtSpace - Music Sound Pictures: a career retrospective of L.R. Nold

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Linzee Arnold is a painter, artist, musician/drummer, actor, comedian, cartoonist, archivist, local legend and scallywag.

146 ArtSpace is excited to be able to bring you an exhibition of Linzee's work. It is a rare and unique opportunity to get an insight into the work of this prolific and inspirational Tasmanian artist. The exhibition will be part of the MONA FOMA festival and will run at 146 ArtSpace from 10 January to 7 February 2013.

Catalogue essay:

Note on Nawlins by L.R. Nold“Linzee Arnold was a multi-disciplinary Hobart artist decades before anyone here had heard the term. Born in 1939, Linzee conquered the creative worlds of theatre, radio, film, music and particularly visual art before the 1960's dawned. 

Linzee is primarily known as a progenitor of "Underground Comix", counter-cultural mutations of the popular comic books of the mid-late 20th Century. Improbably he was mining this field of expression as early as the 1950's in Tasmania. Linzee's obsessive, dense and highly detailed comics are considered the origin of auto-biographical underground comics, eventually becoming an influence on more well-known artists in the genre such as R. Crumb and Denis Kitchen.

Linzee is also a highly accomplished jazz drummer and has performed and recorded with top Australian jazzers as well as pop stars the Bee Gees and The Foundations. His preoccupation with drumming and jazz in general has yielded a well known ABC comedy series "Dr. Gumbo" and a famous comic based on the obscene and scatological rants of jazz drum legend Buddy Rich.

Music Sound Pictures is a career retrospective of Linzee's visual works spanning media from painting, drawing, sculpture and found objects and covering a span of more than a half-century of creation. If you're lucky he might even bang on the drums periodically during the show.”

Brian Ritchie, 2012


Image Credit: Note on Nawlins by L.R. Nold