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About us


About us

Screen Tasmania is the State Government agency responsible for supporting and developing the state's film, television and multimedia industries by increasing the amount of independent screen production occurring in Tasmania.

The purpose of Screen Tasmania is:

  • to take a leading role in building and growing the local screen industry and to identify opportunities and develop the industry in key areas of potential growth
  • to adopt innovative approaches to project development to increase production outcomes
  • to continue to grow and evolve in order to meet the challenges of the changing media environment and to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding local screen sector.

Screen Tasmania provides loans, grants and equity investments in the development, production and marketing of Tasmanian screen projects including short films, drama, documentaries, feature films, TV series and digital media.

Read the General Guidelines and Terms of Trade documents as they will help you understand if you and your project are eligible, as well as answering most other questions.

In addition to its funding role, Screen Tasmania aims to:

  • provide leadership to position Tasmania strongly in the digital media environment
  • prioritise support for Tasmania’s creative talent
  • provide competitive business terms and financial services to underpin industry sustainability
  • build linkages across government, the marketplace and the private sector to support industry
  • promote Tasmanian talent and stories locally, nationally and internationally
  • engender pride and increase engagement for Tasmanian talent and content among Tasmanian audiences
  • contribute to promoting Tasmania’s rich cultural life and liveability
  • be responsive and provide quality, innovative support
  • ensure transparency in decisionmaking
  • communicate and exchange information with local practitioners.

Screen Tasmania also develops programs that aim to provide long-term strategic support for the industry. These programs are often aimed at either professional development opportunities for industry practitioners or as production initiatives. Screen Tasmania also initiates and supports screen culture events such as film festivals.

The Screen Tasmania newsletter is the best way to ensure you receive information about new initiatives, funding opportunities and other relevant news and events.



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