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On 15 May 2012 the Minister for Energy, the Hon Bryan Green, announced a comprehensive and integrated reform package for the electricity industry that will provide retail competition to all customers, improve the efficiency of the industry and put downward pressure on prices in the short, medium and long term.

A copy of the Minister's statement is available here.

The reform package will deliver better outcomes in the areas of:

  • future electricity prices;
  • greater consumer choice;
  • energy security;
  • reliability of the electricity supply network in Tasmania;
  • reduced risk to taxpayers;
  • sustainable State-owned businesses;
  • more efficient and focussed State-owned businesses; and
  • optimising the value for the Tasmanian taxpayer of Tasmanian renewable energy exported over Basslink.

The Government has released a detailed explanation of the reforms and the reasons why it is implementing these measures which are contained in the report Energy for the Future.