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In 1945, Tasmania became the first state in Australia to have a Government State Film Unit, which operated until the opening of the Department of Film Production in 1960.

The Tasmanian Film Corporation was in operation for five years until its closure in 1982, producing commercial projects mostly intended for young audiences.

For the following 17 years there was little or no production activity occurring in the state and no production companies operating in Tasmania.

In light of this, Screen Tasmania was formed in 1999 as part of then-Premier Jim Bacon’s vision to grow a local screen industry that would bring employment and economic, as well as artistic returns.

Over the past 11 years an independent screen sector has begun to emerge with a production base largely underpinned by documentary and animation.

Tasmania is now home to one of the only surviving animation studios in Australia at a time when most animation production, including Disney’s studios, have moved off-shore to cheaper alternatives.

On this page you will find details of some of the projects that Screen Tasmania has supported over those years.

We will also shine a monthly spotlight on a Tasmanian project, company or practitioner and also look at what’s currently in production in the state.



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